ran dom dom

It's been a long time. I think I lost ( what I called ) my passion in writting. I enjoy photography too much since i have a lomo. But, i don't have a good scanner here. So, I'm affraid if I scan the picture and upload it here, it will looks really bad then I choose not to upload it here until I get a good scanner. This is mine, take a look ;

thank you


feel what I feel

more photos coming up :) see yaa



Sometimes I spend my spare time to see 'What people needs in their life'.
It's kind of hard to find the answer, it depends on whom you talked with.
I, Myself still hard to answer that serious simple question.


no big deal

The day i was born

when sun flower smile charmingly

when the stars twinkle twinkle

when the cuckoo sings melodious

when the hearts pray of happiness ( is it?)

From all those fenomenon, i decided to call myself pretty awesome.
haha ~.~ no resistance.



Would you swear that you'll
always be mine?
Would you lie would you
Am i into deep?
have I lost my mind?

When you truly love a man, i believe that you wanted that man to be your hero. You wanted him to do anything to save your soul maybe also die for you too. You know...the old saying of..."It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all".


how am i?

Has nobody asked you how you are?
You look like you might not last the day
I wouldn't have made it very far
So we'd make a good team right away

I've not made amends for yesterday
My lip won't get me out of it
Waking up dreading hearing tales
Of all my nightmares being true

I take a breath and grab the phone
Secretly hoping you're not home
I'd leave a message I was out
Out of my mind on drink and drugs


Always Love it

Our love is like a wind, i can't see it but i can feel it.



*For your information, i'm as stupid as Paris Hilton.